Today is National Hermit Day- a day to remember all the hermits and their poor partners that have to put up with their reclusive ways. Here are some behaviours you will recognise if you live with one...

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

They love it when plans fall through- If someone cancels last minute or the weather is too extreme- you can literally see the joy in their face because they don’t have to get dressed and be sociable.

They get tetchy before a night out- You can see them tense as the day goes on as they get closer to having to part with the four walls of their comfort zone.  

If you have to work away- You know they won’t leave the house for the entire time you’re gone.  People have invited them over to keep them company in your absence but they always decline in favour of ‘me time’.

Their favourite things all involve staying in- Watching TV, having a duvet day, de-cluttering, cooking, online shopping, reading- you name it- they can do it all in once place.

They encourage you to go out with your friends- Because it means they have a night alone to do whatever it is they do when you’re being friendly.

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They get excited when they see a free weekend on the calendar- Lots of plans make them nervous so you’ve learned to spread out date nights or they simply can’t cope.

They value their space- Especially if you live together. They are happy to spend time in another room so you’re not in each other’s pockets just because you’re under the same roof.

They would rather eat in than out- Booking tables, being fake nice to waiters, putting on going out clothes and sorting out travel arrangements is far too stressful- they would much rather cook at home or order take away- to be delivered.

They don’t take kindly to people who call around unannounced- And those who have dared to in the past, always call beforehand now due to the frosty reception last time.

They never text you needy messages- Like ‘miss you’ or ‘wish you were here’ but you they love you all the same- they just have a weird way of showing it.

Happy National Hermit Day! 

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