A thumbs up for flowers?

A thumbs up for flowers?

Men think that being romantic is giving their partner the TV remote, washing the dishes or doing the ironing, while it helps us out, there is nothing wrong with the traditional flowers, meal out or box of chocolates!  


As well as the aforementioned, men think that cleaning the house, 11%, putting the bins out, 7%, and putting down the toilet seat ,7%, are in the mix with other romantic gestures like taking their partner away for the weekend.  


Julie said:


‘Don’t get me wrong, if my husband puts out the bins or replaces the toilet seat, it's one less thing for me to do, but I don’t class it as romantic, just more thoughtful!’


Despite the idea that food is supposed to be the way into a woman’s heart, apparently the reverse is also true. Men think that cooking their partner dinner is high on the list of expressing their love for them.


Without having to spend a great deal, both sexes think that buying or receiving flowers is the ultimate way to say I love you, closely followed by running your significant other a bath.


 Moonpig Managing Director, Iain Martin said:


“It’s a funny stereotype that men get it wrong when it comes to romance, as the study shows that both agree that flowers and the offer of cooking dinner is a great way to show their romantic side.  A nice bunch of flowers is usually what women want but perhaps us men are a bit guilty of trying to think outside the box too much and I guess that’s why some think that the remote is the key to being romantic! The research results show that simple gestures such as a bouquet of flowers can be really effective – and it needn’t cost a lot.”


18% of men think by giving their partner flowers they are arousing suspicion when it is not a special occasion, when gifts can sometimes be a perquisite for bad news. Welsh men were the biggest worriers when it came to this, the South West were the least and in fact neither had to worry as this is only the case for 7% of partners.


Roses come top as being the most romantic flowers  guys can buy, closely followed by lilies and 38% of women wished that their partner bought them flowers more often.


Georgina said:


Flowers are beautiful, but on average you spend £10-£15 on them and I could put that money to much better use! If my partner only asked me I would ask for a movie or TV boxset every time! Something I can keep and that won’t die!’


Unfortunately men are not that intuitive about what to get their partner and most women have to tell their men what they want for a gift.  60% of women leave hints around the house and 37% don’t hold back and just ask for what they want.


Becky said:


‘I never know what to buy my partner because if he wants something he has enough money to go out and buy it. He usually just ends up suggesting something practical that he wants on his birthday or for Christmas, but when he opens them they are not surprises and look really dull to everyone else in the room!’


When it comes to what to buy men, there is a similar problem, with two in five women who need to be told what to buy for their spouses.  


 Iain also said: “It’s good to see that women can get it wrong too!


“What is interesting is that almost half of British men (44 per cent) admit to being open to receiving a bouquet of flowers as a sign of affection. That’s a sure sign that women may need to take a leaf out of our book and try to think a little outside the box too!”

Chocolates, flowers and kisses are the nation’s favorite romantic gesture; however despite many believing that around £80 is the acceptable amount of money to pay for a surprise, we only actually spend around £40.


Londoners set their heights a bit higher believing that over £100 is more of an acceptable amount to spend on a gift, whereas in the west midlands they are a little more realistic with around about £70 in their budget.


Between the ages of 45-54, couples will spend around £350 on their partner!


When I asked around the office the girls came up with some other suggestions which range from the extreme to the smaller gestures that show he loves you. The bigger expenses were a weekend away, or a holiday, mid-range presents were perfume, underwear, a meal out or jewellery. For those penny pinchers, a picnic in the park is something you can both enjoy, getting a keyring done with a picture of you both in or a teddy bear always goes down well!




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