My husband and I are not exactly romantic, but when we find ourselves somewhere especially beautiful, love is just in the air and even we become real lovebirds! Perhaps that's the reason why we enjoy travelling so much J

Where will you go?

Where will you go?

Let me take you from the West to the very East of Europe, jumping from one romantic experience to another! Among the best things you can do at places near and far are:

Southwest Ireland: For Puffins and Cliffs

Irish coastline is breathtaking. You can just walk along and be mesmerized with every single step. The Southwest of Ireland is where roughness and beauty combine in an incredible way. Plus, puffins that nest here during late spring/early summer are beyond cute!

Barcelona: Best From a Boat

Barcelona is quite touristy. Of course you can enjoy it even with the crowds, but for a special romantic moment you need a unique setting. You can hire a local to take you around the coastline on their sailboats. We've tried sailing once and till this day I have to smile when I remember how we were squinting our eyes in the wind, enjoying the dark blue color of the sea and even the company of Marc, our captain.

Gran Canaria: A Trip to Heaven

Finding yourself above clouds you almost feel godly. With no one else in sight, just looking over the mountain peaks, which, like you, made it through the clouds. Pico de las Nieves is the highest point of Gran Canaria Island. I recommend everyone to visit it! Getting a real tight hug on top of the Pico after a hike up is one of the most rewarding experiences I've ever had.

Rome: Green Heart of Rome

Who wouldn't love Rome? Unfortunately, the tourist crowds often put off even the most determined visitors. But I know of a park, where you can just sit down, enjoy the peace and greenery and relax. The park is called Villa Borghese. If that's not enough for you to feel romance all around you, just try letting your sweetheart row a boat on the lake. We had a picnic in the park prepared by a local student - that was really amazing too!

Venice: Romantic Evening in Two

Italy just seems to beat all the countries I've listed here, doesn't it! Well, Venice cannot be left out. We all know the Square of San Marco with the pigeons and the tourists. In my opinion, though, Venice is the most beautiful at night when you can just tuck yourself away from it all and enjoy a glass of wine, preferably with a view of a canal. We went to a local tavern and had a great time, not minding at all the locals that flocked the place.

Paris: Eiffel Tower at Night

Of course, Eiffel Tower is pretty at any hour of the day! But I find it the prettiest at night. The park that surrounds it is softly lid by streetlamps and it's definitely a popular place among locals to come on a date. Why wouldn't you, right? Just stroll the park, keep watching the glittering Eiffel Tower and transport yourself back to the time when you were sixteen.

Finland: Northern Lights

We were young and free when we went through Finland and saw the Northern Lights with my then-boyfriend, now-husband. When the sky starts changing colors from hues of green through yellow and pink, it melts everybody's heart. Words won't do it justice. I often dream about going back and seeing the beauty of the Aurora Borealis yet again!

Budapest: Sunset from the Castle

You've surely heard of Hungary's capital, Budapest. The city is really fun and quirky, and full of beautiful architecture. Its castle, which sits on top of the Buda hill, together with the nearby Fisherman's Bastion are great spots to watch sunset over the city. Grab a bottle of wine (together with glasses, of course!) and enjoy the scenery till the sun disappears behind the horizon and the soft late afternoon sunlight is replaced by glowing streetlamps. Beautiful and very romantic!

Uskudar: Dining in the Middle of the Sea

I have to admit that I haven't been to Uskudar, Istanbul's Asian side, yet, but it's on my list. I especially want to eat at the beautiful Maiden Tower enclosed by the sea from all sides! It looks incredibly romantic and I believe the seagulls will contribute to that! I'll let you know how it was or you please do, if you go before me J

Israel: Romance in the Haifa Gardens

Not surprisingly, most romantic moments come after dark. This is the case of Haifa gardens as well. The city of Haifa is a bustling port city in the North of Israel. But when the night falls, it becomes incredibly quiet, especially in the gardens. We had a low cost romantic experience there - just got some delicious Israeli snacks and munched away, enjoying the night. But there are quite a few restaurants as well, so high-end seekers will love it too!

Head to any of these places and I can guarantee love will be all around you. And who knows, perhaps your boyfriend will pop the question! Be ready for that, these destinations are magical.

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