Mairead Molloy, Global Director of Berkeley International, sought after matchmaker and relationship psychologist offers her top tips for finding romance this Christmas.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

  • Make the most of the party season. It might sound obvious, but make sure you are at all your friends (and acquaintances) Christmas parties. You won’t just have a lot of fun, but you never know, your mister right could be waiting for you by the Christmas tree.
  • Manage your alcohol intake. We’re all partial to one too many mulled wines over the Christmas period, but if you’re looking to find someone special before you have to kiss at midnight, it’s important to stay in control and confident. No one is attracted to a slurring mess.
  • Dress appropriately. Its winter, flashing the flesh may seem like a sexy idea, but you just look foolish. Wear that number that oozes sophistication and elegance, this is the best way to get attention.
  • Dress Up. Following on from the previous tip, it is always fun to wear fancy dress. Don’t be too obvious, though; find something that will set you apart from the Sexy Santa crowd!
  • Don’t be a Scrooge. There’s nothing worse than someone who uses the phrase “bah humbug” over the Christmas period. The inability to experience any joy around this time of year is a serious turn off. Be happy, it’s Christmas after all.
  • Don’t be desperate. Hanging around the mistletoe waiting for any creep to come up and give you a snog is not the best idea. Letting these things happen naturally is always the preferred course of action.
  • Secret Santa. If your work puts together a Secret Santa, put yourself forward to organise it. Bend the rules a bit by picking out the person you’ve been lusting after for a while and buy them a present that grabs their attention… like edible underwear!
  • Be Bold. People are far more likely to say yes to things during this festive season, so if you see a lovely looking human over the top of your eggnog latte, march on over and ask them to go ice skating with you… you might just get lucky.
  • Don’t avoid the family get-togethers. You, too, could have your Bridget Jones moment! It is the people you grew up with who know you the best, so why not give a long time family friend a chance. They might surprise you.
  • Love, Actually. Be inspired by Richard Kurtis and do something daring and amazing to find love this Christmas. Whether it’s chasing someone to the airport or holding queue cards outside someone’s front door, if it is totally unexpected you’re guaranteed their attention. 

Mairead Molloy, co-founder and Global Director of Berkeley International

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