Want to look like this?

Want to look like this?

Julie- Anne Shapiro helps us take our relationships from ordinary to extraordinary with her excusive tips for Female First readers!


Why do people settle for ordinary relationships?


People settle for ordinary relationships because they are afraid they won’t meet their that special someone or they don’t believe it’s possible.  They are also afraid of ending up alone.  They think that something is better than nothing and perhaps this is as good as it gets. 


What are the things you can do to transform a relationship to extraordinary?


Extraordinary relationships have to do with each partner’s communication skills.  They also have a solid foundation of shared core life-values and life-vision.


Here are some top tips:


  • Get clear on your own life-values and life-vision, then communicate these to your man
  • Appreciate your man and let him know what he provided for you – men thrive on appreciation and will want to give you more and more
  • Ask for what you need without blaming him
  • Ask for what you need rather than expect him to magically know what you need
  • Keep a healthy sense of respect – speak highly of your man and don’t engage in negative “all men are…….” conversations with your girlfriends
  • Allow him to give to you and gracefully receive – men love a receptive woman so allow him to carry your suitcase or open the door for you
  • Make him a priority but not the ONLY thing in your life – he doesn’t want the pressure of being your sole source of happiness 24/7


You can start to learn “menglish” and how to better approach, communicate and respond to a man to better get you what you want and need and the fulfilling relationship you would like. 



Julie-Anne Shapiro is an International Love & Relationship Expert, Speaker and Founder of Magnetizing Love. She has helped thousands of women around the world to find and keep the love of their life through private coaching (can be taken via Skype from anywhere in the world), dynamic live events and homestudy programs.


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