Johnny and Amber first met while filming The Rum Diary and reportedly started dating when Johnny's 14 year relationship with Vanessa Paradis was falling apart. At first glance, his sun sign Gemini isn't really a great match for Taurus, Amber's sign. However, Johnny's Moon is in calm and serious Capricorn, an earth sign like Taurus, and Amber's Moon is in social, contact-seeking Libra, of the air element like Gemini. So that creates a fairly good balance between them regarding these most relevant factors. But they didn't live happily ever after.

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp

Amber Heard made headlines when she filed for divorce from the Alice Through The Looking Glass star over a week ago, citing irreconcilable differences. They had been married for 15 months, and a rep for Depp supposedly said the actor hopes to get this solved quickly.

In fact, the planets appear to be on his side: At present, the cosmic "accelerator" Uranus is conveniently influencing matters regarding Johnny's 7th house of marriage and relationships and also indicates the split may actually feel liberating and elicit a deep sigh of relief from him. More recently, it's come out that Amber is now accusing him of domestic violence and was granted a restraining order against her ex, reportedly Johnny's lawyer says that Heard's claims are financially motivated.

What can the planets tell us in that respect? In the ex couple's compatibility chart, their Venus conjunction in Taurus not only gives them a high potential of sensual delight, because this sign also rules material assets and possessions. Retrograde Mars in Scorpio is now attacking this constellation, which involves Johnny's Mercury as well, the ruler of his finances. The exact opposition will come up in less than two weeks, which suggests that fierce fighting over money and valuables may lie ahead. It's a messy situation, but things aren't looking too bad for Johnny, who also lost his beloved mother days before the split: Jupiter, the planet of benefits and prosperity, is currently moving through the financial sector of his chart and the very positive tie with Mercury (his indicator of finances!) around mid-August should give him hope that the final outcome will be in his favour and that things will be settled swiftly!

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