The end of a relationship can leave you broken hearted and struggling to find a way to cope. For many your self esteem and confidence are at rock bottom. Life can seem pointless without the love and company of your ex and its the smallest of challenges will set you off crying.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

The easiest solution is to stay in bed and pull the duvet firmly up over your head and stay there for days if not weeks on end. However many of you have responsibilities that don't allow for this such as work, children and other commitments that need you to show up and give your best.

But how can you carry on when the end of your relationship is all consuming and occupying your every thought? The constant questioning about what happened, why and what if? Going over every moment in minute detail. How are you supposed to motivate a team, be there for your children or even do the weekly shop without breaking down in tears or feeling so miserable that you can't find the energy.

It may sound harsh but the truth is there is a point to your pain. It is part of your healing process as you grieve the end of a partnership that once gave you joy and happiness. It's only natural to feel a sense of loss and hurt when it comes to an end. We are also creatures of habit and any form of change can make us feel uncomfortable. A break-up is a huge life change and so there will be an emotional impact as well as new practical situations to navigate such as lawyers, becoming a single parent and dating again.

The good news is there are lots of techniques and strategies to help you cope better with the heart break. There are many things you can do to speed up the process and surprisingly have some fun at the same time!

Whilst January is known as "Divorce Month" with a boom in break-ups it is also a time for people to look forward and book a break away that is designed just for them!

Many people start the New Year with a fresh determination to get their life back on track. They want to lose weight after the festive season, detox their bodies and also their lives and retreats where you can really get away from it all are a great way to do this.

I see an increase in my clinic of clients resolute to make positive changes and succeed in achieving "Out with old and in with the new."

If you are searching for something, and feeling that you just cant move through your emotions, a retreat is a fabulous way to escape the daily routine of your life and provide you with a fresh perspective. It allows you personal space to focus on yourself and making some positive changes. Many of my clients have spent most of their time looking after and caring for others, both at home and at work. A retreat gives them a set period of time to let go of responsibility and the stresses of every day life.

Retreats come in many forms and it's up to you which would work for you. Everyone has different personalities and preferences so think carefully about what would suit you best. You may need a retreat that allows you to switch off completely from the worries you have and for others of you a retreat will need to give you the option of keeping busy if you want to. Some of my clients want to learn how to help themselves cope better with what they are going through and choose a more learning experience.

Here are some retreat examples to help heal your broken heart:

1. Yoga and Pilates retreats are very popular at the moment and if you enjoy this form of exercise and mediation it can be a relaxing and healing experience. My fav is Absolute Sanctuary in Thailand however there are many in the UK too.

2. Fitness retreats are a great way to get yourself back into shape and also work out any stress you have. Some retreats are more intense than others and most will have something for all fitness abilities so choose one that gives you what you need. 38 Degrees North in Ibiza is a fun and effective way to get fit as is The Body Holiday in St Lucia which I love for its all round balance of fitness, healthy food and fun.

3. Detox retreats which include juice, soup and or raw food can be a good way to boost your health and vitality. My gorgeous friend Jason Vale runs Juicy Mountain in Portugal which is one of my fav hideaways for detoxing.

4. Break-Up Recovery Retreat is my own retreat in UK and is designed to help you cope with the emotional rollercoaster of your break-up as well as give you the tools to deal with the practical issue you face. It is a small and intimate event designed to maximise your results. You will learn how to mend your broken heart and leave with a tailored action plan to support you when you leave. You will leave uplifted and back in control of your life again.

Every one deals with their broken heart differently so it's key to choose the right way for you. But one thing is for sure, getting away from it all will give you the boost and confidence to move forward with your life.

You only live once so grab it with both hands and design it the way you want to live :)

Sara Davison is an expert break-up, separation and divorce coach who developed the UK's first Divorce Coaching program which provides individuals with the tools, techniques and advice needed to help individuals navigate and better cope with the process of divorce.

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