I don't know if this one's going on social media!

I don't know if this one's going on social media!

Love em or hate em, the 'selfie' is here to stay and so with a little inspiration from that amazing celebrity selfie at the Oscars .....

.....here’s Lovestruck.com tips on how to take the perfect ‘date selfie!’


Make sure your phone has a back and front camera..this enables you to check spinach in the teeth, mascara smudges and that he is looking as hot as you think he is..


Lights! Action! Full sunlight flatters no one. Not even Natalie Portman. Choose softer light that flatters the skin and will conceal any imperfections such as pores and wrinkles, so you’re looking picture perfect!


Appy? Downloading an app is a great idea as it enables you to tweak your photo until it’s picture perfect for all to see…


Don’t over pose. Retain a little mystery with a natural look and work the eyes..look alive! Show off good teeth with a subtle teethy smile or give a coy but friendly grin.


Tilt the camera 45 degrees (it’s what the models do) and 'shoot' from above you both to avoid those double chin disasters.


Lean in to your ‘date’ and look interested but don’t be all over him. Trashy.


Beware the drunken selfie. That cleavage shot may have been a good idea after a few vinos but it will come back and haunt you. Keep it classy, ladies!


Finally: Have fun, relax. The fact you’re at the selfie stage on a date is a sign you’re obviously both considering ‘couple-dom!’  

Smile -  you’re looking good!


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