According to new research from Yankee Candle® as the colder, darker nights draw in, 15 million Brits are preparing for romance and looking for love.  According to the findings if you smell nice you are more likely to attract a potential mate and there are certain scents that get Brits more in the mood for love, with log fires and rain being the top aphrodisiac aromas. To support this we have some top tips from dating expert Charly Lester on how to make the most of dating during the 'cuffing season'.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

A great option for a first date in autumn is a long walk in the country. This will give you the opportunity to really get to know your date, without distractions from technology or other people. A brisk walk and the fresh air will really get your endorphins or “happy hormones” flowing

People often assume that a date has to involve going out somewhere, to a restaurant or bar. However once you’ve met up a few times and feel comfortable with the person you’re dating, some of the best dates simply involve a home cooked meal, as this gives the impression that a lot of effort has gone into planning the date. Cuddling up on the sofa with a good movie is especially appealing as the cold weather draws in

It’s important to smell nice on a date as this will help create a great first impression, but try to choose a more subtle perfume or aftershave that isn’t too overpowering

We might not realise it, but subconsciously, certain scents and scenarios make us feel more open to romance. Log fires in particular evoke feelings of warmth and nostalgia and so getting cosy in front of the roaring flames is a great way to feel closer to a potential partner

Remember dates are supposed to be fun! Do something that you feel both parties will enjoy – whether it’s something traditional like dinner and drinks or something totally random like going sailing – as long as you enjoy yourself there’s no right or wrong activities for a first date

Remember that everyone gets nervous.  But if you find first date nerves are a particular problem, meet a friend for a coffee before the date, so you relax and are 'more yourself' when you meet your date.  

Try not to judge your date too quickly.  Sometimes people can take time to warm up, so don't cut a first date to short.  You never know what you might find out by the time dessert arrives, or over a second round of drinks.

Active dates can be a great ice-breaker.  By walking side by side and surrounding yourself with natural conversation starters, you can avoid dates feeling like a job interview.

Be honest.  If you're online dating, use recent, realistic photos.  Remember you're hopefully going to be meeting in real life at some point, so you don't want the first impression to be one of disappointment!  As a rule of thumb, if you still own and wear the clothes you're wearing in the photo, it's not too old to use!

Remember that you're meeting a stranger.  Try not to drink too much, always make your own way to and from the date, and never leave your drink or possessions unattended.  Make sure someone knows where you are, and what time to expect you home, and don't go home with someone on the first night - no matter how well you're getting on!

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