Kristen Stewart's chart is positively overflowing with powerful planetary aspects, giving her a lot of personality and a thoroughly dynamic nature. Her sun and moon in particular are engaged in really challenging stuff and create strongly opposing sides within her. Kristen first rose to enormous fame playing Bella Swan in the ultimate vampire saga "Twilight", and being born under an intense full moon herself, it seems that there's a natural connection there with the vampire theme.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

As her natal moon is placed in Libra, she feels a desire to relate to other people and share in their ideas, which is bound to collide with her assertive sun sign Aries' calling to put her own interests first! Kristen is an independent spirit and thanks to Mars on her Midheaven in Aquarius rather unafraid of showing her rebellious, original side in public (or even shock people with that challenging Pluto aspect!). She appears to have a sparkling emotional world and enjoys the glamour and spotlight, but she's also likely to often be confused about where she currently stands. There's a chance she has difficulty understanding her own feelings which can cause her to sway a lot. In addition, unrealistic ideas about the relationships she wants can play a role, although there's a good energy flow involving her Venus that points to a potentially stable and prosperous romantic life, at least as far as her own affections are concerned.

For all those who were rather surprised to see her choosing female partners for quite a while now, her birth chart does give a few hints in that direction: Uranus, the planet representing the energy in us that makes us feel different and eager to try out new things, is in a strong position and linked to her moon in Libra (the sign that rules relationships). The moon is the indicator of how we feel, what we identify with and what we need to be fully satisfied. The impact of noncommittal Uranus means that there might be an erratic, jumpy quality about the way she feels.

She perhaps doesn't really like to adapt and may need to step out of her comfort zone to go for the least common and most unexpected things. Applied to her personal emotional ties, this indicates she values her independent choices and needs to experience a large variety of feelings, which can often be very contradictive, puzzling and inexplicable even to herself. Kudos to her for following her instinctive nature!

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