Damon Salvatore

Damon Salvatore

1. Damon Salvatore

He absolutely deserves top place in our Sexiest Supernaturals. He’s incredibly hot with those smouldering eyes and perfectly groomed stubble, and we love how his softer side comes through when he’s protecting Elena. He uses his supernatural powers for all the wrong reasons but that just makes him more desirable.

2. Eric Northman

Played by Alexander Skarsgård he’s True Blood’s resident badass and boy does he pull it off well! We weren’t too keen on that ridiculous hair cut he was supporting in the first season, but now that he’s got rid of it, he really does spell perfection.

3. Wolverine

Some would argue that Wolverine isn’t supernatural at all, but who cares when you get to look at a beefed up Hugh Jackman picture on a Wednesday afternoon?

4. Alcide Herveaux

He may turn in to a big fury monster, but let’s face it, if he didn’t then he wouldn’t have made this poll. So let’s just enjoy his incredibly manly biceps and ruggedly handsome face and forget about he being a pack master for a little while.

5. Jerry Dandrige

When it was learned that Colin Farrell would be the latest Hollywood star to play a vampire, the world’s ladies (and let’s be honest, most men) swooned. We all know that Colin likes himself as a bit of a bad boy and so when it came to Jerry, it was like watching Colin going about his daily life, just with added fangs. Yum!

6. Tyler Lockwood

Yes, he was a bit of a douche bag, then he was sired and turned into a bit of a wet blanket but now he’s back on fighting form and those abs and biceps are looking extra muscly at the moment. Caroline is a lucky, lucky lady!

7. Jacob Black

We had to have a Twilight character in here somewhere and it wasn’t about to be Edward Cullen, not on our watches! So, considering Jacob is most certainly the more attractive one and has a body that other men would die for, and women would die to run their hands over, it only made sense that he come in a number 7!

8. Mitchell

He may want to dip his fangs into us, and to be quite honest we would probably let him. His curly brown locks and music to the ears Irish accent would have us lining up, necks exposed, with no second thoughts.

9. Angel

He was the resident good guy, the vampire will a sole, which made him incredibly desirable. We have to admit, we did rather enjoy his evil side a little too much though.


Cara Mason @FemaleFirst_UK