One argument is that jewellery represents your ability to express the most valuable aspects of your personality to other people. You do this to attract people to you both in a personal and professional setting. Perhaps you are very conscious of how you portray yourself to others and never falter, even if you are feeling under the weather or having personal issues.

We find out what it mean to dream about jewellery

We find out what it mean to dream about jewellery

You might be in a job where presentation is key to your role and striking a rapport with people is vital to your job description.

More literally, jewellery is often seen as a sign of wealth or status. If you feel in a comfortable financial position right now or have had a recent windfall, then maybe you feel wealthier at present.

It can also be something or someone that you see as precious to you. If you have recently been reminded of all that you have then perhaps this is your subconscious also telling you to remain grateful for the things and people in your life.

It can also be a representation of family heirlooms. If you are expecting to receive something from a loved one who's passed this could be why you saw jewellery in your dream.

The jewels can also be a reminder of who gave it to you. If the person who gifted you the jewellery has a large collection and wears it a lot, it could be that you were thinking of them as this is one of the things you most associate with them.

Source: The Complete A-Z Dictionary of Dreams by Ian Wallace

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