Dreams of spiders are often about the feeling of being trapped.

We find out what it means to dream about spiders

We find out what it means to dream about spiders

If you couldn't get a spider off you or you were too frightened to touch it- then you may have felt trapped by fear. It's thought to be a metaphor for believing you're trapped in your working life, in your romantic relationship at home, with a family member or friend.

A big spider is associated with conflict in your waking life or a female that is taking over a situation.

It might help to try and identify who this is and search for ways in which you can address the problem. Perhaps your reaction to her, or how much time you spend with her. The spider is thought to be linked with a feminine power- so it could be a mother, sister, female friend, female boss or auntie who you believe is taking over your freedom.

Another interpretation is that you feel like an outsider at work or at home. Or maybe you want to distance yourself from someone or a situation that is tempting you.

Spiders can also represent an inner power that is stopping you from straying into a destructive behaviour you've had in the past.

Spiders are synonymous with creativity as they spin such intricate webs. Perhaps the key to escaping a situation you're in is to focus on this creativity and use it as a means to get out.

On the flip side, webs can also be sticky, clingy; they tangle and trap their prey. Perhaps someone or something in your life is making you feel stuck and you're struggling to find a way to leave them behind.

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