When you dream about a wig or a toupee, perhaps you feel you are projecting a dishonest image or appearance to those around you. 

What does it mean to dream about a wig?

What does it mean to dream about a wig?

Perhaps this is not true to who you really are and you feel pressured to cover up parts of yourself or your personality for fear of judgement. This might be your attempt at controlling how people see you and react to you.

Wigs can also indicate of thoughts, ideas, beliefs and opinions that are not your own, yet you are still attempting to take credit for them. It might be time to start thinking for yourself.

You may be worried that you will embarrass yourself if you show people the true you, so you find it easier to keep up with appearances. Maybe you want to convince others that you are doing better than you actually are if you are surrounded by competitive people.

It's possible you are deliberately deceiving someone during your waking hours in your personal or professional life. Is it worth the possible consequences? Or might it be time to come clean?

Wigs or toupees can also reflect your worries about hair loss if this is a genuine concern in your waking life.

Wigs could also signify your need for secrecy. You might be a particularly private person and worry that something you wanted to remain a secret could be revealed.

It’s possible you crave change- either a change in appearance or a change in your lifestyle, relationship or professional life. Perhaps you hope that this change will come easily as you might not be prepared to put in that much effort in order to see a difference. You may prefer short cuts in life; however, it might be time to start putting in more work in order to achieve your goals.

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