Seeing a polar bear in you dream might be symbolic of a powerful enemy in your waking life. However if the bear was being killed then your enemy will lose something and you may overpower them as a result of this loss.

We find out what it means to dream about a polar bear

We find out what it means to dream about a polar bear

If the bear was being aggressive towards you or someone else then you may find yourself in a fight with a friend or family member in the near future.

An attack is also your unconscious telling you to act with caution, so be careful who you trust.

If you killed the bear then you may be able to rid yourself of the people in your life who are bad influences or those who treat your relationship as a one-way street. Another thought is that you will do anything to survive at work, even if it involves doing something you know deep down is wrong.

If the polar bear was of the stuffed, teddy bear variety, then you may need to look back to your childhood in order to understand yourself better now. It could also be telling you that sometimes you need to revert back to the things that used to make you smile in order to make you happy now. Perhaps your life is lacking fun and you need to channel your energies into enjoying yourself again.

Another interpretation is that you are or know someone who is unpredictable. You or this person can suddenly become very aggressive and angry without any warning and it scares you.

Polar bears can also be indicative of your emotional state- perhaps you are being cold or indifferent to those closest to you at present and it’s affecting your relationships. Do you need to open up and let someone in?

If you saw polar bear cubs in your dream these old represent the little white lies you have been telling lately- are they beginning to mount up? Do you need to come clean?


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