If you open an oyster and find a pearl in your dream, then you may be due a period of good fortune. Another thought is that it could foretell the inheritance of something you were not prepared for.

We find out what it means to dream about an oyster

We find out what it means to dream about an oyster

If the oyster was empty in your dream, this could mean that someone will break a promise they made to you or a deal has been or is about to be broken- perhaps in business.

If you saw many oysters on a beach, your dream may be telling you to be careful in the near future as someone could be scrutinising your every move. If they were empty, then you might be in for a rough time financially.

Oysters are thought to be an aphrodisiac and symbolic of the female form so dreaming of them could refer to sexual urges and gratification. Perhaps you would do things you wouldn’t normally in order to seek the sexual pleasures you desire.

The very make up of an oyster can be a reflection of your character you may be hard on the outside and soft on the inside. Is this working for you or do you need to show others more of your softer side? Perhaps you are closing yourself off and shutting people out and it is affecting your chances for love, friendships or even professional progression.

The pearls within oysters are somewhat more attractive than the shell, so perhaps you are judging someone too harshly, without letting them open up to you. Is it time you were more lenient with them? They may have a wealth of knowledge, talent or beauty within if you would only allow them to shine.

An oyster could represent the great things that lie within you-perhaps you have something inside you that you need to explore or let out- something that you have kept hidden for too long.

The dream could also be telling you that the ‘world is your oyster’. You need to go out and get what it is that your heart desires. Experience everything life has to offer.

Source: www.dreamlandia.com



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