Dating in some way, shape or form is a universal past time but whilst a visit to Pizza Express and the local Odeon cinema might be common practice in the UK, dating culture varies around the world. To celebrate the abundance of Chinese culture coming to the UK this autumn, including China’s incredible National Peking Opera Company, we’ve taken a look at dating culture in China and how you can bring some Chinese culture in to your dating life in the UK. So, next time you’re on a date, try something a little different and become immersed in all things Chinese.

National Peking Opera Company

National Peking Opera Company

Did you know…

- It’s common in China for couples to wear matching outfits.

- Gifts are a major part of Chinese culture - it is traditional in heterosexual Chinese dating culture to surprise the female with a small gift on the first date.

- Certain foods have symbolic meaning in Chinese culture so if you share a plate of longevity noodles with your date you are set for a relationship of happiness and longevity.

- It’s more common in Chinese dating to fully immerse yourself into each other’s social lives and friend circles from an early stage.

- Traditionally, families tend to be quite involved in the dating process, so be sure to make a good first impression.

If you need to mix up your own dating repertoire then here’s the best Chinese cultural activities to take your date on this autumn.

- Book tickets to the China National Peking Opera Company from 21st October at Sadler’s Wells Theatre. A combination of dance, mime, music and acrobatics will ensure it’s a date to remember.

- Head to Potters Fields Park the weekend of 8-10th September for London’s annual Chinese Food Festival.

- A visit to Southbank Centre’s China Changing Festival this October will be informative, fun and unlike a conventional London date.

- Expand your knowledge of Chinese art with a visit to the V&A – home to the most comprehensive Chinese art collections outside of East Asia.

- Travel up to level 33 of The Shard and head to Hutong – the award-winning Northern Chinese Restaurant set to the backdrop of London’s stunning views.