Holly Edwards asks :

Hi I have just come back from a lovely holiday, it was perfect with my family in the sun for a week on a cruise. On the last night a lady commented on how lovely my hair was so we started talking for a couple of hours until I had to leave. Now I am home I really miss her, I have no idea why, i feel so daft as I hardly know her. Am I clingy? How can I stop myself missing people I hardly know in the future? Please I am so confused

Yin replies

Hi Holly thanks for writing in.


When someone pays you a compliment it stays with you much like an insult does. It is great that in that two hour period you developed so much of a connection that you miss talking to her. Did you exchange details? If so perhaps you could make contact and suggest a phone call or a meeting?


Perhaps you found that you were able to talk to her with more ease than anyone before. Some people naturally have others gravitate towards them because they are interested in another person’s life and they genuinely seem to care about others. 

Yang replies

It could all be down to the fact that you are not talking openly with the people around you- your friends and family and maybe it would do you some good to. It may have helped that she was completely impartial, I am not saying reveal all of your secrets, but perhaps try to communicate more with those who love you. 

Women are social creatures and benefit from mutual ideas and experiences, there is no reason to feel clingy. People come and go in our lives, some people we have an immediate connection with and some take a lot more time to build upon. You were the lucky ones!  

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