Your true love could be closer than you think

Your true love could be closer than you think

Christmas can be a lonely time for the singletons among us but don’t panic; research has shown that your perfect partner lives just 41 miles away.

So you don’t have to travel too far to find love. A study was carried out on 2,000 adults who have already met Mr or Mrs Right, and they found that on average their other halves lived just over 40 miles away when they met.

In fact, 38 per cent of those surveyed said they had fallen for someone in the same town while around one in five found true love in the same village. So there is still hope for you if you haven’t found love just yet.

Benjamin Bak, founder of location based dating app Lovoo said: “When you’re single all you can think about is if, and when you’re going to meet the love of your life and where you will meet them.”

He added: “This research should be encouraging to anyone hoping to find a partner as it shows that they aren’t on the other side of the world or hundreds of miles away.”

The study also revealed that only 16 per cent said that distance was an issue when they first met but they realised they were ‘the one’ after just three and a half months so they we’re willing to go the distance.

But it seems there are still people that just aren’t prepared to take that step. As18 per cent said that they have only ever been interested in pursuing relationships with people that live within a 24 mile radius and 48 per cent said that long distance relationships were too expensive to even consider.

This meant that three quarters of those surveyed felt that living closer to each other at the start of a relationship helps things to run more smoothly.

There are still at least a few romantics around and 68 per cent said that the distance didn’t matter to them when it comes to finding love and 57 per cent said they would be happy to travel anywhere in the world to be with their partner.

So don’t worry, you’ve got plenty of time to find your soulmate and they could even be right on your doorstep. 

Jessica Lindley - Female First

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