Smoking is the biggest bugbear

Smoking is the biggest bugbear

So, he leaves his socks all over the place after wearing them for a day, or he doesn’t tidy up after himself, is this something you brush off as a pet hate or would you leave him over it?


SKYCIG- the leading distributor of e-cigarettes found that 55% of women would leave their partners for these little niggles.


64% of men and women said that the smell of stale smoke and smoking too much is the most annoying habit of their partner’s.


Laura said:


‘Watching him hurt himself with every puff makes me think he doesn’t care about himself or our partnership, sometimes I think I should find someone who doesn’t smoke so I know I will have more time with them in the future!’


Next in line was never listening to the other person, which annoyed 22% of people in the study and 20% who said that their partner’s bad money management was a reason to take off.


Gina said:


‘I get really annoyed when my partner doesn’t listen to me. I have lost count of the times I have told him when my work shifts are, what time I am coming home and where I am going out and with who. He now makes me write it on the calendar because he can’t be bothered remembering.’


19% of people cannot stand laziness in their partner and 15% are tired of their partner hogging the TV remote. Others included getting jealous, complaining and never cooking dinner for their partner.


Carly said:


I am currently on a shake diet, so the cooking is up to him, if he wants tea he had to sort it out himself because I should not be obligated to cook it when he never cooked for me!’


Cooking goes hand in hand with not feeling like you have to do everything yourself, which can lead to further arguments and relationships are all about compromise so alternating between his and your favourite programmes can make life a little easier.


The cigarette smoke and smoking too much was the biggest bugbear, however not being listened to affects the couple as well as each of the individual, which is why it was ranked so highly by both sexes.


Rebecca, said:


The way I see it is that your partner is always going to do something you hate, by leaving you are not going to escape this, as the next one will be the same. Unless it’s a big thing then you just have to learn to live with it!’


Other bugbears that can arise are battling over who has had the most stressful day, whether one of the partners has chosen to stay at home with children or whether both work, the competition of who has had the worst time of it is something neither party will win.


Many couples think that their lives with their partner is predictable and crave some spontanaeity in their relationship, whether it is the form of a text message saying ‘I love you’ or telling you you look nice a little goes a long way.


We get annoyed by our partners; however this extends to other people’s partners too. 64% of women and 53% of men have taken an instant disliking to a friend’s partner due to them being rude. 10% revealed that they have taken a dislike to their friend’s partner simply due to their dress sense.


Only 15% of men said that the way their partner looks is very important compared to females who think that personality is the key factor in their relationship (51%).


Lyndsey Wilson, a spokesperson for SKYCIG, says: “This survey has revealed a lot about couples in the UK, and how they feel about partners, ex or current. It’s also really interesting to see which annoying habits people find most difficult to live with – there seems to be a general consensus with the pet hates which we didn’t expect to find. The survey also highlights where couples problems can sometimes stem from; often from simply being thoughtless or inconsiderate, which we find quite revealing.


“What’s more, it’s fascinating to see how the culture around smoking has changed over the last few years too. While the smoking ban has made smoking far less prominent in public life, in private, it’s clear that people still find the habit annoying and the smell, imposing. This is great for us an electronic cigarette brand. We can offer people an alternative which does not have all of the negative health implications of cigarettes. It is also a product that comes without the bugbears associated with smoking traditional cigarettes”.



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