Women Say Having Affairs Makes Marriage Easier

Women Say Having Affairs Makes Marriage Easier

There are a number of reasons why couples will choose to cheat but one of the more surprising reasons for women is that they feel it makes their marriage easier.

Incredibly, over half of the women surveyed by ashleymadison.com said that having an affair makes their marriage to their husband a lot easier.

To add to this, a third said that they have found their sex lives with their husbands have improved since playing away from home.

Traditionally it is thought that men are the ones that have affairs but women are closing the gap with a lot more women opting to have an affair rather than end their marriage.

The top reason for women seeking an affair was that their husband neglected them and didn’t give them enough emotional and physical affection.

Noel Biderman, founder of the site, said, “Many women lack attention and affection and it’s miserable to feel lonely within your own marriage.

“The reality is that many people can’t leave their partners for financial reasons and women in particular are usually reluctant to sacrifice their family life.

“So they are taking care of their needs outside marriage in the same way that men always have. They’re stepping into the male arena when it comes to infidelity.”

Two thirds of women said that their sex life within their marriage was lacking and this is why they chose to have an affair.

Noel added, “Men typically reach their sexual peak in their 20s, for women it’s later, in their 30s or 40s when they feel more comfortable with their bodies. 

“This discrepancy is one reason for the lack of sex that these women are feeling.  Everyone wants to be desired, who can blame these women for looking elsewhere?”

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