And we take forever to get over him?

And we take forever to get over him?

Women can spend days, weeks, dare I say it months pining after a man, going on ‘man diets’ and starving off men forever. Women  spend time on ways and means to make the next relationship one that counts and can provide them with more happiness and contentedness that he last.


Men on the other hand are out on the pull after little time at all. So why is that they get over the relationships quicker?


Don’t be fooled into thinking that a man is less invested in a relationship than you; it’s simply that they don’t have the devices around them that we do. The friends who are on tap to come round for a glass of wine and a cry. They have mothers at lot of the time, but won’t seek support from them, nor will they find comfort in something large, chocolaty and gooey. It is not socially acceptable for a guy to be a blubbering wreck after a split like it is for girls.


Men are encouraged by their mates to fix their break up not by focusing on the past and mulling over what went wrong but aiming for the next female conquest to take their minds of it.


His attention can be directed towards a new girl or girls and so he stops thinking about you. By sleeping around he is exerting his dominance again and regaining his masculinity. This has the potential to be stripped from him at any point he decides to waver and release the emotions that are just as rife as yours.


Usually the more the guy is hurting over the break up the faster he will find someone willing to meet his needs, which acts as a temporary fix. Some of these drunken hook ups can materialise into other relationships but statistics show that these don’t last all that long. A man does not think about how he can better his next relationship and so often ends up in another wrong one.


We handle our emotions in a very different way, by almost becoming celibate again compared to men who become serial monogamists, but whatever the means you use; it helps you both to move on.


So when you look on Facebook to do a bit of ex-stalking, and see him thrust into the arms of another girl, spare a thought that he is devastated about the break up. If he stays single for ages after you part ways, that’s when you need to worry!


Other arguments are from a more evolutionary standpoint, where women feel the need to prove that they don’t need men. They have to show the world that they can function as a single entity once their support has gone and rebel against their primitive selves.

Men on the other hand don’t need to prove their reliance on anyone, reinforcing the fact that they don’t call in their friends and mothers for a shoulder to cry on and hence seek out another mate quickly.


A counter argument is that it is never sex dependent, it is more about the dumper and the dumpee; the dumper is often ready to move on a lot faster than the dumpee because they have not prepared for their new lives as single person.


What are your thoughts? Are you willing to accept the compliment that he is sleeping around to appease his broken heart over you or do you think that it is dependent on the couple?


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