What Makes the Perfect First Date

What Makes the Perfect First Date

Some say the perfect first date doesn’t exist but with a little hard work and a bit of understanding, the women of Britain believe it can happen.

For a guy to get in their good books before the date, women said that they expect him to call or text to confirm that the date is still going ahead.

When it comes to the location of the date, the majority of women said they would pick somewhere that equal distance from both her home and his.

Men, on the other hand, would be more inclined to choose somewhere closer to her. Now, we’d like to think that it was so it was easier for his date to get to the venue, but we feel it might be so that he had a better chance of going back to hers afterwards!

When they finally meet their date, women said they expect their date to give them a compliment. Experts have said that women want a sincere compliment, so simply saying her eyes are lovely won’t cut it gents.

To help the date go smoothly, women said they would like their date to buy them a few drinks but no more than that.

Men aren’t doing themselves any favours by saying that they would buy their date as many drinks as they could – we wonder why!

When you’re finishing up, the awkward moment of who is to pay always seems to stump both of you, and that’s because men and women have completely different ideas.

Cupid.com also found that women believe that men should spend at least £30 but not go over £50 on the first date, whereas men have admitted that they would rather wait until the second date until they part with their cash, just to make sure the woman is interested.

The biggest disagreement between men and women came at what should happen at the end of the date.

Although it might be romantic to walk a girl home, only 54 per cent of women said they would like to be walked home, whereas 98 per cent of men said they would like to walk her home after the date.

Luckily for men, women did agree that if the date has gone well then the man should lean in for a goodnight kiss.

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