What Are You Looking for in a Real Man?

What Are You Looking for in a Real Man?

Men and women used to have very clear roles and very clear activities in which they would partake in but with the boundaries blurring over the decades, the definition of a real man is changing.

It was once thought that a real man would take care of his lady but still be up for a good bit of contact sport as well as a hard earned pint down the pub whilst a women would bake and pamper herself.

Now, men aren’t ashamed to admit that they are getting in touch with their feminine side and making it part of their daily routine.

Over a third of men said that they don’t consider themselves traditionally masculine but only 25 per cent of them said they wished they were more butch.

In fact, 70 per cent of men who actually said that they don’t mind embracing their feminine side and regularly do.

Lambrini, who commissioned the survey, asked the respondents to name what they thought made a real man and the results combined both old and new traditions.

Traditional male traits such as holding the shopping bags, inspecting strange noises in the night, killing spiders and taking a woman out for dinner were all named as essential qualities.

The more surprising qualities were that a third of men said they liked to take part in traditionally feminine activities such as baking, taking a bubble bath and having pedicures.

Actor Jeremy Edwards has no problem with admitting that he looks after himself, he says, “Real men are expected to take care of themselves these days.

“Moisturising is just part of the everyday routine for most people – then there are facials and massages – you can be a real man and enjoy pampering yourself.

“Women want a man who takes pride in his appearance and we all have our guilty pleasures – we all like a nice pedicure now and again.

“Of course, there are limits – if you’re spending more time getting ready than your other half then you might need to have a word with yourself!”

Lambrini and Ladbrini brand manager, Lorna Tweed, said, “We have always been aware of our male Lambrini audience, and as our research shows, a large amount of men enjoy indulging their feminine side.

“With this in mind, men no longer need to feel embarrassed about luxuries reserved just for girls, with the research revealing women actually like a man with feminine qualities. This new breed of man can now learn to love their feminine side, in true ‘Lad-brini’ style.”

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