Men are Misbehaving on Valentine's Day

Men are Misbehaving on Valentine's Day

It seems that men just can't help themselves when it comes to romancing women on Valentine's Day.

New research from shows that nearly half of men would buy a woman a Valentine's Day card even if she was in a relationship.

Incredibly, 47 per cent of men admitted that they would have no problem trying to romance a lady despite her being in a relationship.

Women have slightly better morals with only 17 per cent saying they would send a card to a man who was already taken.

If this wasn't bad enough, some people are even willing to try and start a relationship with a colleague on the most romantic day of the year.

Over two thirds of men admitted that they would try it on with a colleague in the hope of romancing them on February 14th.

It wasn't just the men though, the 40 per cent of women said they would happily do the same!

Now many people believe that Valentine's Day is simply commercial but 53 per cent of men will still spend over £50 on cards and gifts.

Women don't believe in spending mass amounts of money on their Valentine and prefer to spend a lot less.

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