Christmas is one of the most stressful times of year and and it can put a lot of strain on relationships, so we take a look at the top 30 Christmas arguments brought to you by Benenden Health. Do you recognise any of these?!

Could this be you this Christmas?

Could this be you this Christmas?


Who cooks the Christmas dinner?

Does it fall to the man who is traditionally in charge of all meat preparation? So he can rub together the carving knives like he has just caught it himself? Or the woman who generally does the cooking all year round? A classic gender divide that takes us back to our caveman routes!

Where to spend Christmas Day?

Do you spend it all together, with one side bringing the starter and one bringing the dessert to even everything out or do you pick sides and cause a rift for 2016 between the folks??

Which family to visit?

You may not have a lot of time on your hands with present buying and prep at work to compensate for time off, so who and when do you visit? You don't want to look like you are picking favourites now do you?! 23% of couples have had a disagreement over who to visit at Christmastime according to Holiday Autos and 7% have broken up after not coming to a resolution. 16% feel aggrieved to be visiting people they never see all year.

How much to spend on other people?

Do you set a budget or do you just buy what they want, or what you think they would like? Then look at your credit card bill in January and wish you had given them all a hug?

Who does the washing up?

No-one wants to lift a finger after Christmas dinner when you are weighted down by carbs, but it needs to be done so you don't look like you live in squalor, so who's turn is it?

How much to spend on each other?

You set a budget then one of you decides to go over that budget and the other looks like a giant tight ass- nice!

You or your partner having to work too much over the holiday

She works weekends in retail, he works on call- suddenly the only time you have together is with both sets of family and none alone!

Can't agree what movie/TV to watch

Your father in law marks the Radio Times with which programmes he wants to watch on your TV- but you don't want to watch them do you tell him or give in?

Me or my partner picking at food before it's ready

You wait all year for your Christmas dinner so having a sly chocolate or a bit of turkey never did anyone any harm right? 'You'll spoil you dinner!'

What presents to buy for the kids?

They tell you what they want in September and change their minds by Christmas- Santa is not a mind reader!

My partner drinking too much

It's Christmas so you chill out and enjoy a nice tipple, but when you projectile vomit in the taxi coming home and your partner has to clean it up then maybe you have had too much!

Who makes the speech?

Not many households say Grace anymore but someone always feels the need to raise a glass and make a speech. But you want food- it's the only time that you all realistically sit at the table instead of eating from your laps- you have waited 364 days for this- can you last through a speech?

Whether to go out for Christmas dinner or stay at home?

Christmas at home- there is nothing like it- but can anyone be arsed to cook? Curry it is then!

The temperature of the house

The fire is ablaze because it looks nice at Christmas but then your temper will be too when the bill comes in Jan!

People arriving late on Christmas Day

It's the one day where you expect people to turn up on time. You have laid on a huge meal or everyone- the least they can do is get their ass out of bed. The roads are empty. Still you get the late comers. 

Whether or not to put Christmas spending on the credit card

Do you live on beans in November and December to pay for Christmas or rely on the bank to get you through?? Why do today what you can put off till tomorrow right?

Who carves the turkey?

It is one so the most iconic scenes in adverts and on posters everyone wants a go at taking the driver's seat!

Who has to drive to a party/Christmas Drinks?

All of you want a drink but there are no taxis! Do you sacrifice a good session for the sake of another's merriment, be selfish and walk miles or pretend you didn't hear the question?

No one helping Mum

Mums are the glue that bring Christmas together, without them no-one would get any presents or food- so it's quite rational behaviour to slam pans and throw a plate of parsnips on the floor to make the point.

Not tidying up after opening presents

Christmas paper can be expensive and looks lovely on the presents but not as a new coating on your living room floor.

Having to sit in traffic while on the way to visit people

Christmas traffic- don't you just love it? Driving Home for Christmas- shut up Chris!!

Old arguments being brought up

Christmas is a time for nostalgia and memories- so why not throw in a few golden oldies that you know will push your partner's buttons??

Whether to get a real or fake tree

There is nothing more Christmassy than when you see lots of people loading up real Christmas trees in the back of their cars. Except when it's not into yours. The pine needles get everywhere- they dry out- they are more expensive- but they look and smell better and you know it!

My partner not helping out enough when we have to host people

They sit- glass in hand, chatting and laughing while you serve their every whim and when they ask you at the end of the night if you have enjoyed yourself they are surprised to hear your answer.

You or your partner staying out too late with friends and colleagues

It's some of the only time you get as a couple and they would rather spend it with mates or with work people they barely know- so much for quality time. 

Ownership of the remote control

This is an all-year-round bugbear but at Christmas it can get even worse- Downtown Abbey or EastEnders- let the games begin!

Who decorates the tree?

That all important star at the top- who puts it there? It doesn't matter anyway Mum will come in and change it all. 

What time to open presents?

The kids want to be up at 3am, you want to wait at least till 7- so you tell them- 'Santa doesn't come till at least 6.30- we are the last house in the street!'

Mum stressing over the Christmas dinner

The bread isn't fanned properly or the drink is in the wrong glass, whatever you try to help with- it's usually wrong.

The cost of entertaining relatives

We all have those relatives that come, get fed and go, but eat you out of house and home while they're there- and do you get an invite back- what do you think???

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