Sex Tip

Sex Tip

Your sex drive is a funny old thing- the slightest thing can make a total difference to how horny you feel and the biggest factor in this is your hormone levels. By understanding your own cycle you can learn to make the most of your sexiest moments.

Hormone levels are constantly changing throughout a woman's monthly cycle and so is our sex drive so Female First look at the high and lows of 28 days of sex.

Day 1 to 7 is when your period starts and this is possibly the lowest point in your sexual month.

Oestrogen levels are low as your period approaches which means you will have less natural lubrication in the run up to the start of your period and it might take a little bit more effort to get you in the mood.

It might be a good idea to keep a bottle of lubricant stashed away for weeks like this.

Day 8 to 14 is usually when you are feeling your most horny. This is when your body will get ready to release another egg so it is also your most fertile- so be careful!

Those super sexy oestrogen levels are starting to rise at this point as your body gets ready for some baby making.

This is not only when you will experience the best orgasms and the highest sex drive but you will also attract the attention of more men.

Research has shown that men are drawn to ovulating women- which is strange considering the thought of actually producing a baby makes most men run for the hills.

Day 15 to 21 will see oestrogen levels start to drop. Ovulation usually occurs at around Day 14 meaning high sex drive will only continue for a few days after this so make the most of it

Day 21 to 28 progesterone levels will have taken over by this week. We might not notice but this can make our voices can become deeper and more husky-sexy!

However towards the end of this final week another period is on its way and most women will start to feel bloated, moody and far from sexy. But don't worry- the whole cycle starts again in a few days.

  1. by yuvi 15th Apr 2008 11:43

    its good all guys should know this

  2. by Ag 18th Apr 2008 21:39

    Strange--I'm often horny right before my period.

  3. by Pink Potter 20th Apr 2008 21:05

    For me too the days of ovulation are the ones where my desire is at it's top.
    But if you cicle is not of 28 days (many women has a cycle of 29-31) the ovulation days are later - I have... Read More

  4. by Kiki 26th Apr 2008 06:56

    I get horny right before my period...

  5. by Anonymous 15th May 2008 20:41

    Lol, I always get proper horny before my period as well.. but then I do when I'm on my period AND straight after it :P

  6. by adrianna 29th May 2008 00:02

    I tend to have lots of natural lubrication just before my period I find...and the sex is fantastic!!!

  7. by sarah blake 13th Jun 2008 19:12

    I agree totally with this article you only feel human 1 week out of the month....

  8. by zoe 14th Jun 2008 13:44

    I'm always horny before and during my periods and after!! that can't be normal can it?!

  9. by hidden 15th Jun 2008 21:41

    I am always horny even durring my period inact i think thts when im most horny. That really can't be normak can it?

  10. by smart_indian 17th Jun 2008 06:55

    yes..thats really good knowledge on how to keep up with ur Babe's desire

  11. by klass 27th Aug 2008 18:57

    This was very very helpful.I realized I was feeling strangely attracted to a close male friend which was weirding me out a bit but now I understand why :)

  12. by tonya 02nd Nov 2008 23:20

    i didnt find this very helpful cause i am horny all the time and it is becoming so much so that i am having a hard time doing everday tasks. i dont seem to be able to think of anything ... Read More

  13. by Femi 10th Nov 2008 19:06

    Greetings Tonya

    I hope this can help.Perhaps you are affected by Permanent Sexual Arousal Syndrome (PSAS). You can google this for more info. Although being a guy I have to say that ... Read More

  14. by Jose 27th Oct 2009 18:08

    wow! this is my right girl. she is horny all the time.

  15. by nancy 05th Jul 2010 07:36

    Do guys have cycles too? I notice he gets horny during my period when Im not and we cant even do it, and then i am SO horny a week or so after and a week or so before and he is never in... Read More

  16. by Isabella 30th Sep 2010 01:40

    It's funny... I am often more horny right before my period as well! Lol. This seems to be common based on other people's comments! Lol. However, I do have a long cycle that usually ... Read More

  17. by Rachel 07th Oct 2010 23:28

    I'm always hornier right before, during and right after my period. My boyfriend teases me about it but I'm so grateful that he doesn't mind taking me into the bedroom and doing what co... Read More

  18. by Cass 05th Oct 2011 23:17

    I usually get horny during my period but recently I've become more horny after it, wonder whether that means anything :-/

  19. by Christine Borek 24th Jul 2012 01:18

    Glad to hear there are many women out there feeling the same way as me. I swear, there is only one week during my cycle where I'm not needing to have sex often. Now just to find a man with a lot of energy. ;)

  20. by mostirreverent 01st Jan 2013 22:19

    sounds like there is a need for a home hormone monitor product.

  21. by Just Married 10th May 2013 06:30

    This is so totally wrong. I myself and most women Ive talked to are the horniest right before and during their period. Yall must be men-scientists or some $h!t...

  22. by Kate 05th Nov 2013 22:56

    Are you kidding? I'm a lesbian and always in the mood for pussy!

  23. by LoveasLove 25th Jun 2014 17:31

    Yep same here.

  24. by Girlythings 23rd Dec 2014 19:58

    I feel sooo incredibly horny a day after my period and it lasts for a week. The feeling is crazy!!!!!

  25. by Nicole 03rd Jan 2015 04:27

    pussy is beautiful pussy is forever sweet