Sex Tip

Sex Tip

If you want to have fantastic sex then you need to get things heated up with some foreplay. Some men will try their best to get this stage out of the way as fast as possible but you need to be firm.

It's essential that you take time to get all the sensual hot spots warmed up before you go for the main event. There's no point in jumping straight in all guns blazing because it simply won't feel as good.

Also by missing out on foreplay your also depriving yourself of an easy peasy orgasm. Just 15 mins of touching, kissing and licking in the right places will have you screaming with pleasure.

If your guy is a bit reluctant (or just plain rubbish) when it comes to foreplay then don't be shy about giving him a helping hand. Most men will find it a total turn on to watch a girl enjoy herself so why not suprise him with a solo show one night. Not only will you get to enjoy yourself the way you know best but you will also give him a few hints about what feels good for you.

If he still insists on rushing things then be assertive. Tell him to slow down. Reassure him he will get everything on the menu eventually but you want to enjoy the starter for a bit longer first.

  1. by tim 09th Feb 2008 07:48

    Take it from a guy, I enjoy foreplay as well, but nothing bothers me more than a woman who wants foreplay but isn't willing to tell me or show me what she wants. You're already naked, ... Read More

  2. by jeff 09th Feb 2008 21:17

    I agree with Tim. To add to what he said "What's good for the goose, is good for the gander.

  3. by clare 10th Feb 2008 11:53

    well my guy just wants what he wants and doesn't listen to me. if i don't show interest in what he wants he aint interested which leave me feeling like crap.

  4. by Steff 15th Feb 2008 10:11

    Clare... I think you need to leave him hunny!

  5. by . 15th Feb 2008 16:41

    Definately clare, listen to steff.. you can do so much better.. you don't need to live like that.. God Bless you!

  6. by DARRYL 18th Mar 2008 02:24

    take you to the bathroom- lights are all off
    , candles at each corner of the tub , soft
    music and a glas... Read More

  7. by millie 14th Apr 2008 03:59

    my bf luvs foreplay =] n WOOOOOOOOOOW \/ \/

  8. by Juanita 13th Jul 2008 04:36

    I asked my boyfriend for foreplay and he just laughed at me. He thinks that it is gross, he also thinks that oral sex and masturbation is gross.

  9. by Sahar 22nd Jul 2008 07:10

    I do really like forepaly. I always do that with my partener for almost 30 m or sometimes one hours. it realy heads up both of us.

  10. by Namaste 02nd Aug 2008 17:57

    Darryl, you can come and live with me.

  11. by COLETTE 28th Aug 2008 09:55

    My boyfriend & I prefer foreplay to the conventional straight sex. He is the "FOREPLAY KING

  12. by Meghan 21st Oct 2008 20:50

    My boyfriend thinks masturbation is wrong too, and likes to jump straight into sex.

  13. by sex1512 27th Dec 2008 18:41

    this is really a helpful tip for me... i tried same with my Gf she is very happy... can you please send me more like this on my mail id [email protected]

  14. by Samantha 24th Feb 2009 02:38

    I have just gotten in a new relation ship after 7yrs we knew each other so well now my new guy just doesnt know what to do and i dont know how to get him to open up and try new things i... Read More

  15. by Honeybabe 15th May 2009 08:26

    I am a filipino and i have a earupean GF for almost one year now. I really love and i really like to have sex with her. Because we have the same passion and taste in terms of sex. We re... Read More

  16. by alex 15th Oct 2009 11:28

    Hi Sam talk to him tell him what you want and then ask him what does he want

  17. by Xzanatose 12th Jan 2010 22:01

    My girlfreind has a no sex until after shehas a ring on her finger and I am fine with that and she loves forplay so she is teaching me what she wants she actually told me to come to thi... Read More

  18. by micheal 13th Jan 2011 17:04

    well i believe DAT sex is not food but satisfaction