She's indecisive- About everything because she thinks of the possibilities in every situation, both good and bad, so even something as seemingly simple as deciding where to eat takes time and mental energy. Better you do it.

She isn't mad when she's quiet- just thoughtful

She isn't mad when she's quiet- just thoughtful

If she's quiet she's not mad- Just contemplative. She uses the time in cars, while walking, or in bed at night to think over her day and plan her next few days and what they might bring.

She enjoys silence- She doesn't need you to blast the car radio or talk about rubbish to fill the space- you are interrupting her thoughts by doing this so give her some space to think sometimes.

If you ask her about a person expect detail- She thinks about people and their behaviour with a lot of consideration. If you are mad at one of your friends or family member she will probably see your side of things but also come up with reasons for their actions too because she has an eagle eye view on every situation.

If you ask her what she's thinking- Prepare to open your mind. If she trusts you enough to be completely honest- be prepared for complex answers as her thought process unfolds and try to understand how she gets to her current thinking space.

Listen to her- She wants you to understand her way of seeing the world sometimes so give her the time to express herself and listen to what she has to say- she might surprise you or make you see the world differently.

She can be negative- In her weighing up of the good against the bad- more often than not, the bad takes over and she will think the worst. If she doesn't hear back from you- rather than thinking that you are busy, she may assume that you are hurt or worse, so try to keep her updated with a text at the very least.

She is gifted at exploring options- If you have a problem- she will listen to you and discuss all eventualities- you may not get to your decision any faster; however you will be well informed to make it.

She can by a hypochondriac- If she gets sick- then she will investigate the possibilities on Google and often believe an unlikely cause to her symptoms.

She thinks hard about your relationship- If you tease her with an offhand comment or cryptic text- she will analyse it for days unless you put her straight. Just keep things simple- relationships are complicated enough without a rogue text to put a spanner in the works.

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