Today is National Pool Opening Day- an exciting day for your lover if they enjoy swimming. To celebrate, here are a few things you might recognise if your partner is obsessed with a dip in the pool. 

She doesn't always love company in the pool

She doesn't always love company in the pool

She shaves a lot- So you need never worry about her being hairy- she is always silky smooth. But don't take it as a complement- she does it to be pool ready not sex ready- although it's an added bonus. 

She has a minimum of two showers a day- One in the morning and one after her swim- so she always smells sweet- or of chlorine….

Most of her wardrobe will consist of swimming costumes- She would rather spend her money on this than everyday clothes- which is great for holidays- not so much for the rest of the year.

Gifts are easy- A new bathing suit will always go down well because she is constantly washing the ones she has to keep up with the demand. If not goggles, towels- anything swimming related is a hit.

Holidays- If you book a holiday- please make sure that the hotel has a pool or she will spend the entire time dreaming of the one back home.

Avoid doing things on days/nights she goes to the pool- Or she will be a grumpy pain in the backside even if you have arranged something awesome for you to do. Messing up her routine is simply not worth the mood swing.

Your shopping bill will always include copious amounts of shampoo- This is a staple (like bread and milk) for any swimmer because she gets through it by the gallon full.

Think twice before joining her in the pool- If you want to do breast stroke the whole time and have a natter then don't bother coming. She likes to get her heart rate up and her hair wet- if you let her do her thing and save the chatter for the car ride home- you are more than welcome.

She will be a different person when she returns from the pool- It gives her a chance to unwind from a stressful day at work and get things straight in her head so she will be much better company afterwards. 

Hotels- The only real requirement she has when you are staying a hotel is that is has swimming facilities. If it doesn’t it’s a 1 star at best. If it’s up to you- book one where she can swim and you will have a much more enjoyable time away. 

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