Today is National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day, so to celebrate we look at all the reasons why sandwiches are such a good staple food for couples. 

Sandwiches and couples are like peas and carrots!

Sandwiches and couples are like peas and carrots!

They're cheap- It costs very little for a loaf of bread and a filling- as long as you're not having salmon and cream cheese with every butty! So for couples who are sticking to a food budget- they're ideal.

They encourage you to have picnics- It may not be the time of year for one outdoors but you can always spread out a blanket in front of your fire, fill a basket and have an indoor Spring alternative when it's raining outside.

They're easy- If neither of you is particularly good in the kitchen- don't fear- because sandwiches are simple to throw together and taste amazing with very little effort.

They keep you both happy- If one of you prefers beef over cheese, one of you is gluten free or likes seeds in their slices- there is such a wide range- it will suit all tastes.

They make the perfect breakfasts for lazy weekends- There's nothing more satisfying after an extra couple of hours in bed than a bacon sandwich with lashings of tomato sauce.

They're quick- If you're a couple who never has a minute to sit down- sandwiches can be your fuel because you can whip one up in seconds and carry on with your hectic schedules. Of if you're out in town and need something for sustenance a sandwich on the go always hits the spot.

They can have an upgrade- If your budget allows, going out for a pub lunch or sandwich at your local cafe can feel like a real treat if you're tired of slicing, buttering and spreading at home.

They can be healthy OR naughty- During the week you can make sandwiches filled with salad to make sure you're both getting your recommended 5 a day. But at the weekend you might be more inclined to throw in a couple of sausages or a dollop of mayo.

Chip butties are cheap and cheerful- If you really want a take-out but your joint budget is tight- you can always buy some chips and throw them on some bread at home for a greasy treat at the weekend when you can't be bothered to cook.

You can make an epic buffet when you entertain- If you have people round your place for a special occasion- there's nothing guests love more than a platter of different sandwiches so it won't cost the earth to feed your visitors.

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