Have you ever taken the brunt?

Have you ever taken the brunt?

What is the most painful way you have been dumped? Here we explore the most common and most humiliating ones, which we have all been victim to at one time or another, according to FreeDeliveryLand.co.uk!


Social media 

That moment when you check your partner’s Facebook page and they are no longer ‘in a relationship’ but ‘single’. They tweet you and tell you it’s over- the world knows before you did and no-one bothered to mention and just let you stay in your little bubble of obliviousness.


Email/ text 

He sends you an impersonal text or email- he doesn’t even bother to tell you to your face, even if you have been going out for a while. You think you are owed more than that and clearly he doesn’t. You delete him in every way possible so you never have to look at the messages or his face again.


Ignoring you 

Suddenly you realise that you were dating a guy who was still stuck in his prepubescent years. This is a trick that was pulled on high school girlfriends, not in an adult relationship. You are sad for the break up but secretly relieved that you can go out and find a man of your own mental age!  


Using a friend

He doesn’t even have the courage to tell you to your face, but instead of opting for the email or text, he gets one of your friends involved now. They have probably told all of your other friends, so again you are the last to know.


Running off with your best mate 

Not only do you lose your partner but also your best mate- there is nothing more humiliating. You are left with no-one you can talk to about it and you find it hard to trust anyone ever again!


Stood up at family event 

Everyone asks where he is and why he’s not there. They start to ask other awkward questions and everyone on your table waits patiently for an answer. You don’t want to tell them that you were stood up at a wedding and burst out crying, so you make up some excuse as to why they couldn’t make it.


Jilted on your anniversary 

He could have done it before you got your hair done, or before you spent half your wages on a new outfit and underwear. Or when you went off to get your manicure and your wax- no he waits until you are all groomed and pretty, sat on a table waiting to let you know he’s not coming and won’t be for the rest of your days. At least you look good; like a movie dumpee but it still hurts a hell of a lot as you sip your water and try to figure out how to bow out gracefully!  


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