Vow to take a social media detox- The internet will be flooded with deals, images of people climbing over one another and posts of what people have bought. Give it a rest for one day and instead focus on each other.

Go for a winter walk

Go for a winter walk

Don't pay a visit to the shops- If your usual big shop is on Friday- leave it for a couple of days until things have calmed down- the supermarket will still be there!

Make something from the stuff in your cupboards- If you are one of those couples that pops to the shops most nights- it's time to have a dig at the back of the cupboard and see what you can find. Cook something weird and wonderful together or find something in the freezer and don't rely on your corner shop.

Avoid conversations about gifts for each other for Christmas- Try to talk about anything else because you might be tempted to pop on your phone to look for the thing your partner has just mentioned.

Focus on FREE activities- Read alongside each other in bed or on the couch, have a picnic on your living room carpet made with leftovers, watch an old DVD you've had buried away for a while, listen to some music- anything that stops you from reaching for your wallet or purse.

Go for a winter walk- It will get those endorphins moving around your bodies putting you both in a better mood. It gives you the chance to talk, share stories about your day and experience something new together- who knows what you'll see.

Have sex! It's free, fun, will keep you warm on a November night and it does more for your relationship than buying your lover a present.

Use it as an opportunity to clean and sort- If your home is getting a little crowded for your liking- clean out your cupboards and drawers and- dare I say it- venture into the loft and think not about what you can buy but what you can give away.

Make your FREE bucket list- There are some things you can't do at this time of year- so if your ambition is to swim in a river or lake, walk or run for a number of miles or see a specific animal in the wild- write it down and give yourself a time scale.

Talk- There's no time like the present to have a good chat about your relationship- things that are going well, things you might like to improve or to reminisce about shared times gone by. Use it wisely.

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