Oops! Brits are Sending Their Sexts to the Wrong Person

Oops! Brits are Sending Their Sexts to the Wrong Person

It’s usually embarrassing enough when you send your gran a text that was meant for your best friend but it reaches a whole new level when you send then a sext instead.

This has been the case for one in seven Brits who have admitted to accidently sending a sext to the wrong person, ouch!

It takes a lot of courage to even send a sext in the first place. Am I doing it right? Will they even like it? are just some of the thoughts running through your head.

So imagine if you hit send a then realise you’ve sent it to Gran instead of Grant. World ended.

Luckily, only 9 per cent of people end up sexting their family by accident. The most common person to accidently sext was a friend, so hopefully you can laugh about it after the initial embarrassment!

You might have the thought that the worst person you could accidently would be your family, but how about your ex?

Yep, nothing says desperate like sexting your ex so you can only image how 27 per cent of sexters felt when they hit send to their ex by accident.

In third place came sexting a colleague and nothing makes a Monday morning worse than an accidental Saturday night sext to Harry, the office techy.

So what are you to do when you’ve realised you’ve sexted up the wrong person?

Thankfully, most people said they would acknowledge it and apologise but 39 per cent of people went with the old ‘ignore it and it will go away’ approach.

In a real moment of panic and shame, 11 per cent of people even resorted to pretending that had sent the sext to that person on purpose. Oh dear.

Maybe not so unsurprisingly, over three quarters of people said that the reason they were sending the sext in the first place is because they’d had a tipple and over half said they regret ever trying to send it.

Have you ever sent a sext to the wrong person? Or have you ever been subjected to a random sext? Let us know how you handled it by commenting below or tweeting us @FemaleFirst_UK

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