Women learn a lot from what car a man drives.

Women learn a lot from what car a man drives.

A survey of over 2,300 female members of dating site IllicitEncounters.com has crowd Jaguar drivers as the sexiest boy racers around.

'Men's cars are often a reflection of their personalities.'

With a total 37% of the vote Jaguar raced ahead of its competitors- Audi, with 22% and Mercedes with 17% of the vote- to be named sexiest car manufacturer. In a surprise twist, favourite to win BMW came a heart-breaking 5th, with one member describing the drivers as 'arrogant and not sexy.'

Mike Taylor, spokesperson from the site said: 'To men cars are synonymous with sex appeal, it's not about just getting from A to B in comfort, style and appearance are also important.'

It seem women agree and want men to put more effort into their choice of transport.

'Men's cars are often a reflection of their personalities mirroring if they are reliable, stylish, economical or extravagant, and women use this information to make snap judgements about their potential partner.'

Jaguar may have their latest #GoodToBeBad ad campaign to thank, which features heartthrob and man of the moment actor Tom Hiddleston. As the face of the new, sexy Jaguar he and his sophisticated wheels seems to be driving the women crazy.

Tom Hiddleston; the face of Jaguar

Investing in a reliable and economical motor may puncture any chance of romantic pursuits for men; the study found that Nissan owners were top of the list of the least sexy cars, with 44% of the votes. Make sure to steer clear of Volvo drivers, at 18% and Renault with 17% of the poll if you're looking for your next Prince Charming.

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