Today is National Respect For Parents Day, so to celebrate- we share why it's vital to admire the people who raised you. 

Do you have respect for yours?

Do you have respect for yours?

They're older and wiser- They have a few years on you, which means they have seen more of the world and have gathered a wealth of experience- which shouldn't be underestimated.

They're there for you no matter what- Parents will see you though the good and the bad and provide a listening ear and some sound advice.

They've made a lot of the same mistakes- Why do they seem to know everything? It's likely because they have been there, done it and got the T-shirt.

They're usually right- As much as we hate to admit it- 99% of the time our parents speak the truth and it's annoying but also to your benefit if you do what they suggest.

They know you better than you know yourself- They can see the things in you that you're not able to but in telling you- you become more self-aware.

They just want you to be healthy and happy- All a parent ever wants is their child to have a full and happy life. If that's their aim- everything they say and do is intended to move you towards that destination of keep you there.

They're proud of all your achievements- They probably still have your first drawing stashed away somewhere and a picture of you holding your degree on the wall. They congratulate you on every highlight of your life.

Their politeness is infectious- And it makes you realise there are some traditions that should still be upheld- like holding the door open for the next person, letting an older person take the seat on the bus and looking up from your phone when someone's talking to you.

They raised you- They invested time, money, love, patience and effort in making you the person you are today and probably made many sacrifices in the process.

They won't be around forever- Don't ever take them for granted because one day they won't be here- so make the most of every second you spend with them.

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