What is best for me?

What is best for me?

Online dating can make people very self-conscious over the things they are most insecure about. Matchmaker Siobhan Copland and Director at www.catchmecupid.co.uk offers up some words of wisdom for one of our readers who is anxious about getting out there in the world of cyber dating

'I am really overweight and am nervous to register on a dating site as I feel I will be judged by men and that they won't want to go out with me. What is best for me?'


Siobhan says: 

Although online dating has become increasingly popular, there is still very much the focus on appearances, which can make it seem quite superficial.

There are other alternatives to online dating that May be suitable if you feel uncomfortable displaying your photo, in view of essentially thousands of strangers.

If you are confident in meeting people, which I can assume you are as you would like to get out on dates. There are other alternatives you can consider.

Such as attending events where singles will be, doesn't have to be a speed dating type scenario either but a singles mixer that may be held in a bar, or a group activity where there will be less pressure.


Another option is hiring a personal matchmaker, who would screen potential matches on your behalf. And actively seeking those who would like to meet you based on the person being open minded to who they meet on a physical level, but also being matched on other aspects such as your personality traits, values and interests.

Some introduction agencies don't use photos either, making it more discreet. Your appearance will be described to potential matches however but you'll only hear about those who are interested, and set up on dates with you both agreeing to meet.


If you do decide to try online however you have a better chance of meeting  someone by using a site which charges for membership and ones which members are required to complete more in depth information. You may get less matches in hit results but they are usually of a better quality.  Plus not all men like skinny girls, there are plenty of men who appreciate a women with curves! The important thing is to feel confident, be confident as confidence is attractive  regardless of your size.


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