You won't be smiling!

You won't be smiling!

We find out what the most hated admin jobs are when you live together, according to Swinton Insurance

MOT’ing your car- That day where you have to car share, so you are late for work and late home, only to find out that you have to come up with £800 that you didn’t budget for.

Renewing passports- Most annoying right after you get married, payment, forms, marriage certificate, blood- check.

Renewing home insurance- Having to sit and mentally add up everything you own to figure out which insurance you should take out.

Changing utility companies- The rigmarole of resisting the hassle of staying by the persuasive cancellation person, finding another and ensuring your bills don’t cross over.

Renewing car insurance- Ah the one time in the year that Go Compare gets a good hitting.

Filing a tax return- You want the money but should it be this hard?

Filing paperwork/bills- Your bill file suddenly doubles in width when you live with your partner and now you have to keep track of 20 direct debts-arg!

Taxing the car- You forget, then you get to the post office and forget your documents- then they tell you it’s gone up in price- super!

Making changes to a TV / phone package- We just want to be able to watch Game of Thrones!

Doing a price comparison for utilities- It’s difficult enough trying to buy the cheaper toilet roll at the supermarket- but that s**t is hard!

Booking dentist check-ups- Taking a day off work just to get your teeth cleaned is a travesty!

Applying for a new job- You hate your existing job, but it takes so much effort to try and get another one- I think we will just settle.

Getting around to getting quotes from tradesman to do jobs- Your house is falling apart but there are so many other exciting things to spend money on rather than a new door to the kitchen!

Getting an eye-test- Again, time off work just to have someone put dye in your eye and ask you if you can still see- well I got here right?

Making an insurance claim- It was not your fault- nothing is your fault!

Shred paperwork/bills- You don’t want the bin raiders to get their hands on your information so you have to set aside at least half an hour while the machine chews up details of your life- dullest-thing-ever!

Putting things on eBay to sell- You need the money- but it would be so much easier just to dump it at the local charity shop!

Changing addresses on driving licence- The uneasiness of sending your licence via post is enough to keep you up at night until it safely returns.

Changing email addresses- You give out your old one for at least a year later!

Clearing out old clothes and taking to charity shop- You put things in the bag then take them back out because- well you never know- you might get slimmer- then it takes you at least 2 months to actually take it down to the shop. You don’t tell you partner you just get rid of some of his stuff you hate to see him wear!

Order repeat prescriptions- Pretty important, but such a ball ache!

Look in to a pension- I’m not going to get old! And if I do I will have made my millions by then anyway!

Cancelling old subscriptions- The magazines have been propping open my door for a year- no I don’t want to renew!

Checking through bank statements- To find that one transaction that you missed under a non-descript reference!!!!!

Paying credit card bills- Logging onto the internet to pay the bill is risky and you worry that this one move is going to get you a really nasty virus or that you will have spent more than you thought!

Doing the online food shop / weekly food shop- You make a list and he just ignores it and gets everything on an impulse buy so saving money by list making is utterly pointless!

Paying in cheques- It’s sods law that wherever you work will have every bank but the one you are with so you have to wait to the weekend and then it might as well be the week after for how it takes to clear!

Small DIY tasks such as changing light bulbs- You have been sat in the dark for months; you are too short to put it in and he’s too lazy. You become vampires.

Sorting old things for a car boot- Getting up early and sorting through your possessions are two very stressful exercises. What if you get rid of something you need? What if the person who gave it to you turns up at the car boot?

Updating your smart phone with the latest technology- You compare prices and go back to your existing phone company they promise it's 20 quid cheaper and then you end up paying the same as before, how does that even work?

Renewing TV licence- Yes we still have a colour TV?!

Print photos out- Your birthday pics are still on the laptop from your do nearly 10 years ago and now it’s part of your retirement plan.

Switching credit cards to low/0% interest rates- You ought to so you are not paying over the odds but TV is far more interesting!

Sending family birthday cards- You have their birthday in your diary, but buying a card, writing it and finding a post box are three activities that rarely coincide!

Change a will- You want the right people to get the money not your distant folks that you have never even met- but you still have time right?

Taking the pet to the vets- The thing won’t go in its box for they know getting in the box means that they are going to go to the pet shop in the sky or get poked.

Changing mortgage companies / checking current rates- Do we go for 2 years so it’s really cheap or 4 years and a bit more expensive just so we don’t have to do this all again in 2 years? Hmmmmm….

Claiming PPI- Unless they send a form to your house or call you directly thousands of pounds could be going unnoticed!

Booking a holiday- You need a break, you want a break but it feels like work just to get there!

Applying for vouchers / money off- It’s nice to get discount but they never make it easy do they??

Getting a window –cleaner around- You no longer need to close your curtains for the dirt does that all for you but finding one that’s good takes playing nice with the neighbours- joy!









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