'I think we should see other people!'

'I think we should see other people!'

This is the type of conversation that we all have when we dream about the possibility of being rich, but a survey by MINI has found the impact money could have on your relationships!


Tolerated normally only for weekends or Christmas, on holidays at worst; many men can’t stand to spend time with their mother in law, however a quarter would move in with her for  year for 1 million pounds.


Nine per cent would drop their current girlfriend or wife in favour or having some extra cash.

One in ten people would say single for life if it meant that they never have to worry about money again!


The participants were not kind about their friends either, as eleven per cent of men would cut off all ties with their friends for a better bank balance and this doubled for women!  



The results are part of a study by MINI into the lengths people would go to get what they want, to mark the launch of the online NOT NORMAL auction, where money is banned. Bidders must use their creative thinking, rather than hard earned cash, to get their hands on a MINI. Each bidder must pledge to do something out of the ordinary and the most inventive bid will succeed.


Michelle Roberts, General Manager for MINI Brand Communications said:


“We’ve all sat with our friends and played that game where you challenge each other to see how far you’d each go to get your hands on something. But what surprised us is that it’s no longer just banter – we found Brits are actually becoming much more enterprising about how they go about getting what they want.” 


The MINI survey found that Brits are becoming fonder of creative currency, appealing for donations on social media sites, auctioning things online and making and selling things much more than in the past. 55% believe that they have no choice in the matter as a result of the recession. As many as three quarters of Brits have been creative in raising the cash for something rather than waiting to get paid or relying on their credit card.


 Michelle Roberts said: “We wanted to respond to this trend with the auction – at MINI we find this inventive spirit inspiring and want to celebrate this trend by offering the chance for people to own a MINI for a year by pledging to do something unusual.”




  1. Give up chocolate and fast food for life (51 per cent)
  2. Stop drinking booze for life (45 per cent)
  3. Leave the UK forever (37 per cent)
  4. Move in with mother-in-law for a year (23 per cent)
  5. Streak naked around the office (22 per cent)


BEST THINGS IN LIFE ARE FREE? The top five things Brits wish they could get their hands on

  1. Superhuman power, such as time travel
  2. A new job
  3. Better body
  4. New boyfriend/girlfriend
  5. Killer sporting skill


NO CASH? The top five ways Brits buy what they want without splurging their wages

  1. Auction or sell an unwanted item to raise funds (56 per cent)
  2. Made and sold items of their own to get cash (27 per cent)
  3. Trade a useful skill e.g. DIY (22 per cent)
  4. Seek online sponsorship or fundraising to pay for it (16 per cent)
  5. Use blagging to get an enormous discount (14 per cent)


MINI is urging Brits to turn their banter into a new car. To find out more about the NOT NORMAL Auction and to place a bid, visit Facebook.com/MINI.


There was a distinct split in the office of what the girls would be prepared to sacrifice for such a large amount of money. One hesitated at the offer of the money in exchange for splitting up with her partner. The majority said that they could not leave their boyfriend for money, as it is something that should be shared and enjoyed together.


However our resident fashion writer revealed that she would give up her wardrobe in exchange for £1,000,000 because she could buy a whole new set of designer clothes!

Visit the MINI Facebook page to enter the action



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