Victoria Milan has found that men prefer to cheat with a sporty woman. Some sports and the women who play them apparently hold more sex appeal than others, so we investigate!

A quarter of men on the dating website said that a woman who horse rides makes them hor-NEY! It’s all about the uniform- that consists of super tight pants that show off her butt and the simulation of ‘girl on top’ sex position as she bobs up and down on the saddle, demanding control.

Sports often come with a uniform- so men are getting their role play fantasies in the light of day- they don’t have to wait until bed time! Often women who are sporty are trim and toned which also helps with initial attraction. The physical strength of a woman who is sporty is also an appealing attribute as she is bound to squeeze him with her thighs during sex!  Every man wants to see a woman’s inner Xenia Onatopp from Goldeneye! So the sports that make men cheat are as follows and from some of these pics we can see why:

Horse riding




Ice Skating 



Pole Vaulting

Founder and CEO, Sigurd Vedal said the sports provide the foundation for fantasies with outfits, beautiful physiques and powerfully seductive movement.

“It's easy to see why red-blooded male cheaters are huge fans of women's horse-riding, beach volley ball and surfing, and voted them as the top three sexiest sports in which women compete. Competitive personality and physical strength are not as attractive to male sporting fans – their love of women’s sport stems from the visuals. This research gives women amazing incentive to adopt a healthy, sporting lifestyle.”




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