Men Take Longer to Get Ready Than Their Partners

Men Take Longer to Get Ready Than Their Partners

Britain is seeing the return of the gentleman as men are now taking longer to groom themselves each day.

Traditionally, it is the man who will be waiting for hours on end for his partner to get ready but now the tables have turned. found that men will spend an average 75 minutes washing, shaving and styling themselves ready for the day.

This leaves women waiting an extra 5 minutes as they only take on average 70 minutes to ready themselves.

And it seems that this phenomenon will only get worse as an incredible 85 per cent of men said they would spend over an hour and a half styling their hair!

Now would you like to be seen with a man who spends longer on his appearance than you? It can be quite damaging to a female!

It’s also common for a woman to have decided on her outfit a day in advance but the survey showed that 98 per cent of men would plan their outfit at least two days in advance!

To add to this, the majority of men said they would try multiple outfits on before settling on one, something that is traditional associated with women.

We women are appreciative though and understand that it’s all with the aim of keeping us happy, over 80 per cent of men even admitted to grooming their private parts at least once a week – happy days! believes that all this extra effort is worth it, and gives the British man that little something extra.

Mark Hall, Gentleman Creation Officer at, said, “This is superb news for the British gentleman. At last they're paying more attention to their personal image, and mankind will be all the better for it.”

“Once men start to take care of themselves, they also start caring for the people and things around them. They turn from mere 'men' into 'gentlemen'.”

So would you prefer a guy who was perfectly pristine or do you prefer the rough and ready look?

Well the truth is that all these men with beards and that surfer looking hair will tell you that it isn’t just blind look, it takes a lot to achieve that ‘dishevelled’ look.

So whether we like it or not ladies, the well groomed gentleman is here to stay and we’ll be waiting on them for years to come!

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