I asked all the girls in the office how important it is that your partner makes you laugh and it was unanimous that it's an essential of being in love.

Is laughing important?

Is laughing important?

Lovestruck.com found that 28% of women would date a guy if he made them laugh even if he was not particularly attractive or had a terrible dress sense.

36% disagreed with those women and said that if their date was not attractive enough, even if they made them laugh they would walk out on them. Even if their jokes were up to the standard of a famous comedian, such as Michael McIntyre. 

John Bishop was the eye candy of the comedy world, with 48% of females having a crush on him with 29% saying that it was because of his quick wit.

25% said that if they were not sure about their dates fancy-a-bility, if the guy told a good joke this would help them along the way to a second date.

James Corden once claimed : 'My weight was never a concern for me. I could always talk to them and make them laugh, so they tended to overlook my physical imperfections.'

Melissa McCarthy, has had lots of success of late in films such as The Heat, Identity Thief and Bridesmaids. Actors like Jonah Hill in Superbad and Kevin James in King of Queens and Grown-ups have not had their careers impaired by their weight, it has actually boosted their appeal. They have often poked fun at themselves in their productions, which makes a refreshing change to most Hollywood actors. 

In 2009 a study revealed that women believe funny men to be smarter than their straight laced equivalents and that in the long term funny men make better partners. When the roles are reversed, it would seem that men are not attracted to women any more if they show their funny side.

64% of men said that if their date was very funny this would not affect their final decision on the woman if they had not met up to their other requirements. A small 8% thought that laughter is essential to a happy ending.

In 2013 a study found at Stanford University that women brains are programmed to respond better to humour than men's.

So do you think its genetics or does your man like it when you exercise his chuckle muscle? How important is laughter in your partnership?

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