How Do You Get Over Your Ex? Move On to the Next!

How Do You Get Over Your Ex? Move On to the Next!

If you’re drowning in tears due to a break up then there is no need to dwell as new research suggests it’s better to move on.

There’s no surprise that men are much more partial to this approach with nearly half of them saying they would have moved on within a month.

Women are slightly more reserved with a little under a quarter saying that they would have moved on within the same time frame.

One lady who doesn’t like to hang around when it comes to men is Kelly Brook.

The beautiful model has recently split with Thom Evans and spent Valentine’s Day with her ex Danny Cipriani.

She started dating Danny in 2008 after she split from Titanic actor Billy Zane and before that she was dating Jason Statham for over seven years.

She’s never wasted her time in finding a new man and maybe she’s got the right idea, she seemingly has a very happy and healthy romantic life!

Many wouldn’t follow in Kelly’s footsteps though, as both her ex’s Danny and Thom worked together, possibly causing a few awkward moments.

Incredibly 71 per cent of women said they would never date their ex’s colleague or friend in the research by

Men don’t hold the same kind of respect as over half of them said they would happily hook up with their ex’s colleague or friend.

When it comes to advertising new relationships we just can’t help ourselves, especially through social media.

Over half of both men and women would happily post photos of themselves with their new partner online for their ex to see.

Nearly two thirds of men and half of women don’t waste anytime letting the world know when they’re newly single either, as they will change their Facebook status within two weeks of breaking up with a partner.

How do you get over your ex? And would you parade your new partner in front of them? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below or tweeting us @FemaleFirst_UK

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