Have you met someone you fancy at the gym?

Have you met someone you fancy at the gym?

Meeting people at the bar or the supermarket seems to have had its day when it comes to datingCanoodle.com found that of all the interests matched, fitness comes high on most people’s list of priorities when being matched to someone else.

I have never really thought of going to the gym as a hobby or interest, simply something that you have to do to keep in shape, however if getting fit means a new romance then bring it on!

Women are more preoccupied with looking good rather than with fitness when they go to the gym, with 46% going to achieve a toned, sexy physique rather than to get the blood flowing! Men on the other hand think more about the ways it can improve their health and fitness. So the next time I am in the gym and see a man checking himself out while lifting some weights, I must remember to think, he is doing that to be healthy not to admire his big muscles!

Dannie said:

‘I could not think of anywhere worse to meet people! I am sweaty and all of my bits are jiggling about, nothing is less attractive! And if he heard my choice of cheesy tunes to motivate me I’m sure he would run a mile based on that anyway!’

A huge 53% say that they will flirt with other gym goers and give them looks of ‘I’m interested’ while they are working out. 64% of men loved to be admired just as they are flexing their biggest muscle!

Surprisingly enough, both men and women love a bit of sweat on people they are attracted to at the gym, with 91% of men and 62% of women saying that this turns them on!

45% of men like to give their chests a good work out at the gym while 39% of women are interested more in getting a pert bum!

Women like to look presentable in the gym and so 31% fork out for fancy gym kits, while 46% keep their make up on while they are increasing their heart rates. However, with all that sweat, it will all run off anyway right!

Ellie said:

‘I don’t get it, why do you need to wear make up at the gym? You will sweat if off anyway! And expensive clothes don’t look great on you when they are drenched, a pair of sweats and a baggy t shirt for me, although I am in a relationship, so I might think differently if I was single!’

All of the flirting however is not a clear predictor of a date, as only 23% of women have been out with someone from the gym compared to 15% of men.  

So next time you are at the gym, don’t worry about the trail of sweat down your back or the dripping foundation on your face, just go with it and ask him out! A bit of moisture never hurt anyone! 

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