You always end up spending your hard earned money on people you don't actually like because of habit, expectation or because your mum tells you too according to Quidco. We take a look at the most common grudge gifts couples buy for work colleagues, family members and friends they don't have any time for the rest of the year.

Everyone does it- but what do you get them?

Everyone does it- but what do you get them?

Chocolates- Everyone likes chocolates! But you secretly hope they have lactose intolerance and will spend the festive period chained to the toilet because they couldn't resist your purchase.

Bottle of wine- That someone left at your house from your last dinner party and has been lurking at the back of the cupboard for months.

Bubble bath- An unwanted birthday or Christmas present from last year- it stinks and you would not be caught dead smelling like its foul stench.

Books- Ones you've read and been really careful not to bend the spine of because you're crafty like that.

Socks- The gifts you have to think the least about purchasing- everyone needs socks right?

DVD- One that you've watched and hated- there was no way it was making its way into your permanent collection.

Cheap perfume- They will repel anyone they date with this fragrance- they don't deserve love anyway.

Scarf- It's cold- that's where your thoughtfulness ends.

Soap- The cheap kind that looks expensive- you have a knack for finding the pricy looking stuff in the pound shop.

CD- It was angry music that made you want to trash your house- rather them than you.

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