There’s no two ways about it, divorce is tough. However, the latest trend of divorce parties is spreading throughout the UK. Paving the way for modern divorces, throwing a divorce party is the new way to celebrate the end of a marriage and a new chapter in your life.



But, what exactly is a divorce party? We’ve listed the 5 things to remember when hosting a divorce party:

Take your time

Couples who opt for a divorce without coming to a financial agreement may come to regret it in the future. Even long after a divorce, an ex-spouse may make a claim in relation to financial issues arising from the breakdown of their marriage.  Whilst you may be itching to pop open the champagne, it’s ok to take your time.

Jacquie Birkett, divorce solicitor & head of Family Law at Lancashire based law firm, Barber & Co Solicitors, said: “Arranging a financial settlement provides certainty for both parties. This can help them make important decisions as they move forward into a new life and ensure that they do not need to worry about, for example, providing stability and security for their children.”

Curate the guest list

Choosing who to invite can be tricky as you don’t want to make any mutual friends whom you shared with your ex feel awkward. Stick to your inner circle and bask in the fact that you’re surrounded by people who love and care about you.

Bridesmaids and close friends; even your mother should make the list. This is your party, so enjoy a slice of cake with your nearest and dearest who will always be by your side, for better or for worse.

Choose the venue

Choosing where to host the party can be tough.  Why not head to a location that’s personal to you? Somewhere such as your favourite bar from your younger years or even a restaurant that holds happy memories from nights with the girls. Opting for neutral territory means you can enjoy your night without having to clean up after the festivities.

Divorce is the one landmark in life that we don’t acknowledge with some form of event, so now is the time to make it healthy for divorcees to celebrate in order to help them move on.

Don’t forget the cake

Every great party needs a cake and a divorce party is no exception! Google ‘divorce cakes’ and you’ll see that the more extravagant and overtly fabulous, the better.

Whether you choose to go down the comedy route and include figurines of ex, incorporate your favourites hobbies now you have your spare time to yourself, or you simply want to feed your chocolate habit… it’s your party, so there’s no excuse not to have your dream cake!

Party favours and prizes

Think of the divorce party as your chance to start again and build the life you want, your way. Be outrageous with food, drink and party favours. It’s your party, so enjoy the freedom to do it your way; tacky or tasteful! Enjoy the party you deserve, filled with games, favours and lots of fun!