Dating: Women Are Taking Charge

Dating: Women Are Taking Charge

Traditionally it is thought that women never make the first move on a date but new research shows that women are breaking the rules and changing the norm.

Although men are still very traditional in the fact that they still like to pay the bill on the first date and still like to make sure that a woman gets home safe after the date, certain things are changing.

Women are now saying that they would happily make the first move on a man and even go so far as be the first one to call after a date. found that over half of women would have no problems asking a man they fancied on a date.

If a date goes well, there is always the awkward period after when you sit wondering whether you should call or wait for him to call first?

Traditionally it was up to men to call a woman and let them know they enjoyed the date and then arrange another one, but this is changing.

Women are taking the initiative and 67 per cent said they would be happy to be the first to follow up on the date and let a guy know they’re interested.

Of course, we women still appreciate some old fashion values. Over eight in ten women said they still expect and man to open doors for them and offer their coat if they’re cold.

And when it comes to getting intimate, the majority of women said they would wait until at least the fourth date.

Gender roles are also changing in relationships, with both sexes agreeing that woman and men should share chores equally.

As well as this, 93 per cent of men said they would be happy for their lady to be the main breadwinner in the relationship.

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