Why Do We Date Older Men?

Why Do We Date Older Men?

There are some pretty devilishly handsome older men out there so it’s no surprise that women are choosing to date the older gent.

But what is it about them that get our juices flowing? Well, many would say it’s because they are generally more mature but new research shows that it might actually be financial stability.

The majority of women will choose to date a woman who is between 10 and 15 years older than themselves.

Mycelebrityfashion.co.uk found that the reason women are choosing to date the older man is down to their finances.

Due to them being more mature, and having lived a longer life, older man are most likely going to be more in control of their finances and so that is why 35 per cent of women are choosing to date them.

This might seem to ring true to the gold-digger status that is attached to women who date older men but luckily, 31 per cent of women said they dated older men simply because they were attracted to them.

Just under half of the women asked said they had dated an older man which shows that toy boys may be a thing of the past, as 21 per cent of women said they dated an older man because they felt he was more mature than men their own age.

Of course, dating an older man isn’t for everyone. A third of the women who said they wouldn’t date an older man said the age gap would leave them wanting different things in life.

A further 23 per cent admitted that they would be worried about what family and friends would think of the age gap.

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