Egg Donor Agencies Target Dating Sites

Egg Donor Agencies Target Dating Sites

Egg donor agencies have been creating profiles on dating sites in order to find young attractive girls to donate their eggs to couples who cannot conceive naturally.

One of the sites that has been targeted is, the dating site which couples up young attractive women with older, well off men.

It is thought that the egg donor agency posed as one of the older men on the dating site then proceeded to message women about possibly donating their eggs. reported that the agency, which is thought to be UK based, contacted 117 women in total.

The message read, “Would you be interested being financially compensated as well as help a couple that is unable to have a child due to being infertile? Egg donors will receive financial compensation for their donation.”

The site discovered the fake profile after being alerted by three members of the site. founder and CEO Steve Pasternack said, “We police our site very carefully so we picked this up extremely quickly. Female members are natural targets for egg brokers, since many of them are young, well-educated and physically attractive.”

It’s thought that the women were being targeted as they had the attributes most wanted by egg donor agencies.

It can often be difficult to find females that wish to donate their eggs due to the procedure being invasive and quite often painful.

Mr Pasternack says that he isn’t against the practice but can’t allow third party businesses on the site, “If any of our female members are interested in becoming an egg donor, they can apply online at a wide variety of egg donation agencies but our site is for finding legitimate romantic relationships.”

The fact that the women targeted on the site were being promised payment is a worrying factor, as in the UK it is illegal to pay a women for donating her eggs.

Aspects such as medical costs and payment for having to take time off work are acceptable but anything other is considered illegal. This prompts some couples who are desperate to conceive to offer ‘gifts’ as incentives for their donor.

Incredibly, 40 per cent of’s female members said they would consider going ahead with the procedure if it would help pay for their studies, debt and other expenses.

Four per cent admitted they had already tried to donate their eggs and a further 2 per cent had been successful in doing so.


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