Most Cheaters Get Caught Via Mobile Phone

Most Cheaters Get Caught Via Mobile Phone

It’s never advisable to cheat when in a relationship, not only have you got to remember who you did what with and when, you need to keep pretty much most aspects of your life hidden.

But what about your mobile phone? Would you think to keep that out of harms reach?

New research by shows that cheaters would do themselves a favour to keep their phone away from their partner.

An incredible 41 per cent of people were found to be cheating by their partner going through their phone.

Refusing to take the blame and accept that they shouldn’t have been cheating, a fifth of those who get caught via their phone blamed the iPhone’s message preview setting which shows a preview of your message even if you have a lock on your handset.

The most popular ways to be caught out cheating were as follows –

Went through mobile phone – 41%

Went through social media account – 23%

Went through files on PC/laptop/tablet – 13%

Caught in the act (face to face) – 11%

Told by friend – 5%

Told by family member – 3%

Confession – 2%

Other – 2%

It presents the question, is it possible to keep an affair secret anymore?

With so many ways in which to get caught, is it realistic to think that you are safe to cheat on your partner without them ever finding out?

Of course, you can turn the iPhone settings off and you can delete your internet history, but it just takes one person to see you with your affair or one little slip and you’re toast!

Is it really worth having to look over your shoulder every time you leave the house?

Surely it would just be easier to get a divorce or leave your current partner and start a fresh with someone else.

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